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Design & Technology at its peak

our services goal

Engineering is a creation!!.Since its establishment, EDCONS (K) LTD has successfully designed and supervised a wide range of projects. EDCONS (K) LTD has also other technical support services such as engineering audits, technical advice and project management. The company leverages on engineering experience and use of modern software to efficiently and reliably conduct complex modeling analysis and design. Our internal QA/QC system insurer checks by qualified and experienced engineers of all designs and any form of output to ensure compliance to industry standards.

Water & Sanitation
Buildings & Structures
Transport Infrastructure

What we do at Edcons (k) Ltd

  1. Water and Sanitation
  2. Transport infrastructure
  3. Building and Structure
  4. Energy
  5. Technical Support Service
  6. Project Management
Satisfactory and professional.

At EDCONS we have embraced this vision and strategically invested in systems to enable our clients realize their project objectives sustainably. we have broadened our skills to cover new areas such as infrastructure delivery, contract administration, value engineering, safety, environmental sustainability.

This is in addition to leveraging on the diverse technical expertise and experience of our staff. our motivation is to always remain relevant and responsive to the modern needs and challenges of society by adapting and offering effective solution for our mutual benefit.